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The Dental Podcast Network's Channel One

Dec 17, 2020

This week on your Dental Top 5 Podcast, your host Amanda Hill is talking with Dr. Tony Stefanou to talk about the business side of dentistry. 


Episode Highlights

  • Dr. Stefanou’s Background 
  • Top 5: Business of Dentistry 



“There should not be any conflict, the dentists and hygienists should be partners in a sense and working together.”


“Most people don’t know what a profit loss statement is.” 


“I think as hygienists, we like to use the excuse that we got into hygiene because we don’t like numbers.” 


“It’s important to know how you get the product.” 


“If we don’t know ourselves, why a certain amount is being charged, how are we supposed to talk to the patient about it.”


“Create a simple proposal to show what is in it for the practice, and practice owner, to make that a reality.”


“I’m sorry, but sodium saccharin is not a good ingredient.” 


“Do yourself a favor and don’t be afraid to get paid up front.” 


“Be confident in the fact that you are offering something of value.” 



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