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The Dental Podcast Network's Channel One

Dec 24, 2020

This week on your Dental Top 5 Podcast, your host Amanda Hill is talking with Katie Melko, RDH to talk about the top 5 ways to ensure a successful dental visit.


Episode Highlights

  • Katie’s Book 
  • Top 5 ways to ensure a successful dental visit



“I am all about doing something for a child, so they don’t grow up and be an adult that fears something, that should never have been fearful.” 


“It gives them a safe space to tell their parents how they are feeling.”


“At the root of things we are all children inside.”


“I'm not a fan of ‘if you sit here still I will buy you a toy’.”


“Give them choices that help them to feel like they are in control of the appointment.”


“Why do strangers have so much more clout than the people we love and trust.”


“Try to find a way for them to deal with their fear, in their element.”




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